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The name Violet Lantern Mastering / VLM represents where this 'legacy' started, at an establishment that became local legend in Dana Point, California. Founded in 2002 by Wes 'The Mes' Osborne, VLM surfaced from the name of the street where the studio started and was built, historically known as 'The Street Of Violet Lantern', located in the very heart of the now somewhat infamous 'Lantern District'.

Within the name lies symbology with the color violet as well, which not only represents one of the colors of noise, known as violet noise, but is also considered one of the strongest auras in the aurascope, signifying intuition, leadership, peace and comfort.

In the years that have passed since it's inception, VLM has followed this intuition to become a go-to mastering suite for several popular labels and artists from around the world, and represents a body of work encompassing years of amazing releases.  A consummate engineer, Wes has proven he has the ear, knowledge and experience that have shown time and time again.

  "I'm not happy until you are."

Wes Osborne, chief engineer

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Marketing Intern

VLM is looking for someone that loves music and is familiar with social networking. Position offers the opportunity to gain experience in the music industry as well as marketing. Some perks are free concerts, connecting with artists and if you are an aspiring musician, some studio time learning the trade of mixing, production and mastering as well.

Client Recruiter

Familiar with drumming up business? Good with people and searching the net? This position offers the opportunity to increase your income based on your performance. For every client you bring to us, we give you a percentage on each and every project that client has us master.


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Just a handful of the record labels we have mastered for :

Dirty Science Ubiquity Stones Throw Plug Research Soulection


Dirty Science Records is an American independent music label based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by legendary producer & performer Exile of Emanon (Aloe Blacc) and Blu & Exile fame, Dirty Science has risen to become one of the most-watched independent hip-hop imprints in the industry, with worldwide distribution through Fat Beats and an ever-growing stable of new artists.


Stones Throw Records is an American independent music label based in Los Angeles, California. Under the direction of founder and world-renowned DJ Peanut Butter Wolf, Stones Throw has consistently released critically acclaimed albums across a variety of genres since its inception in 1996. Stones Throw is considered one of the leading names in underground hip-hop circles with a cult fan following around the world.


Ubiquity Records was founded in 1990 by Michael McFadin out of the Groove Merchant record store on the Lower Haight of San Francisco, California. Located in Costa Mesa, California, with a satellite office in San Francisco, California. Ubiquity has two imprint labels, Luv N' Haight and Cubop Records. Including all three imprints, the label has released over 350 albums, covering genres from reggae to Latin jazz.