Loudness Wars

What makes a great master?

Some would say a great master is simply making your music loud, but this couldn't be further from the truth. The infamous 'Loudness Wars' have done a disservice to the music industry, as well as their listeners. Fortunately, the truth about loudness is gaining some momentum, but there are still some artists & labels that have fallen into the belief that an algorithmic approach through online software is the way. We and other experienced mastering houses couldn't disagree more. Audio mastering is not only a science that involves much more than instant processing, but is truly an art form as well. At VLM, we are committed to that understanding, and strive to maintain dynamics and personality in the music that is trusted with us. Due to this philosophy, we are constantly referred to new labels and artists that understand and appreciate our approach.

We breathe life, love and energy into our masters, not just volume.
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Home of masters for Stones Throw Records,
Ubiquity Recordings, Dirty Science Records,
Plug Research, Soulection, Young Art Records,
Wolf+Lamb, Soul Clap, Perfect Touch
and many, many more


Mastering, a form of audio post-production, is the process of preparing and transferring recorded audio from a source containing the final mix to a data storage device (the master); the source from which all copies will be produced (via methods such as pressing, duplication or replication).

PMCD Burns

PMCD (PreMaster CD) is a specially formatted, recordable Compact Disc designed to be sent to a CD pressing plant for replication. Included, is a cue sheet which specifies a broad range of metadata, including per track ISRC Codes, per disc UPC/EAN, CD Text (Artist / Title / Track Name), etc.

DDP Images

Disc Description Protocol (DDP) is a format for specifying the content of optical discs, including CDs and DVDs. DDP is commonly used for delivery of disc premasters for duplication and progressing to be the standard by which many manufacturers accept audio masters.

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We love our job

Your music is special to us.
We treat every project with love.

Mastering an art form

Gear and ads only go so far.
Mastering is truly an art form.

Word of mouth says a lot

VLM started working for one label.
We now work for many.

Out Now

Dam Funk - Invite The Light (Stones Throw)
Tokimonsta & Gavin Turek - You're Invited (Young Art)
Sam Gellaitry - Short Stories EP (Soulection)
Slow Hands - I’ll Find Me Remixes (Wolf + Lamb Records)
V/A - Peace Of Mind (Perfect Touch / Japan)
Pillowtalk - Je Ne Sais Quoi Remixes (Crew Love)
Wolf + Lamb - Black Edits (Wolf + Lamb)
Super Groupers - Learning To Swim (Eso Music Art)
Josh One feat. Shana Halligan - Wrong Way Remixes (Plug Research Records)

Coming Soon

BOSQ - Celestial Strut (Ubiquity Recordings)
Slow Hands - I’ll Find Me LP (Wolf + Lamb Records)
V/A - Dancing On The Charles 3 (Soul Clap Records)
V/A - Based On A True Story (Crew Love)
Lavashark - Suzie Q (Ubiquity Recordings)
Benoit & Sergio - Old Streets (Soul Clap Records)
Josh One & Keith Murray - Trap Down (Boomnote)
J Rocc & Lefto - High Output (101 Apparel)
J Rocc & Lefto - 7" Edits (101 Apparel)
Onra - Escapism (101 Apparel)

In The Lab

Sweet Maya - Self-Titled (Ubiquity Recordings)
Emanon (Aloe Blacc & Exile) - Dystopia (Dirty Science)
Ohtoro - Kumamoto (Eso Music Art)
Negros Tou Moria - Akougontas Kai Mathainontas (Black Athena / Greece)
Tokimonsta feat. Gavin Turek - Hemisphere Remixes (Young Art Records)
Tokimonsta feat. Gavin Turek - Surrender Remixes (Young Art Records)

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